Buying a property in The Netherlands

There are not many things as exciting yet daunting as buying and / or selling a house. Here in the Netherlands the process will no doubt be different to what you are used to. That’s where we can assist….
Once the decision is firmly made to purchase a property, that’s where our team of dedicated Makelaars can be of great assistance. As well as accompany you to view suitable properties our team work away behind the scenes to make sure that you have all the necessary information required to put in a bid at the right level.
Our appointed Makelaars each have over 25 years’ experience and are experts in the Dutch housing market. They will advise you on the correct level to bid and make the bid on your behalf after liasing with the Seller’s Makelaar to ensure the bid is at the right level.

There are normally questions that we can answer such as:-

Is the property priced correctly?
Is it in line with the Municipalities’ estimated price per Sqm?
Will the property need a full structural survey?
If it’s an apartment is the monthly service fee (VvE) suitable and are there any major works that will be carried out in the future?
We can then assist with appointing an independent Valuer; ensuring the Contract is correct and that there are no hidden surprises; Joining you at the signing of contracts to ensure everything is clear, concise and correct.
We hand pick the people we work with to ensure that they meet our incredibly high standards. Our Makelaars listen to you, work with you, ensure you are supported every step of the way and produce the best results possible.
They are all associated and affiliated with NVM, MVA, NWWI and Funda
We R Expats provide end to end property purchasing services and account manage the whole process for you ensuring that your life is made easier and the process of buying a property in the Netherlands is less stress and somewhat seamless.