Our Values and Mission

 Our Handypersons prefer to undertake preventative maintenance as well as repair and upcycling – Super consumerism depletes natural resources and produces waste at the expense of our environment.
 Our Handypersons prefer working with Wood, Steel and Leather. Natural materials that can return to the earth without processing.
 They Recycle, they do not dump
 They care about their carbon footprint and use suppliers that care about it too.
 They are collaborative and are not just there to complete work; They want our clients involved
 They measure their success in terms of the happiness of our clients.
 They respect your property. They break anything, they replace it. They make anything dirty, they will ensure it’s cleaned.
 They leverage of technology – automation that improve quality of service
 They guarantee their Workmanship – if it breaks, they fix it. They issue a certificate and guarantee for all work done.
 Their services are transparent – No hidden costs and the processes they follow will be clear to you from the outset. .

Our Services:

 Product Project Management & Design - Requirements, visualize (3D Design), prototype (3D Printing), plan, execute & Quality control
 Custom Furniture & decorative items
 Fabrication & Customisation – Leather, Wood, Steel & Wheels
 Home Demolition, Cleaning & Recycling
 Home Repair, Maintenance & Renovation
 Transport, Collection & Delivery of goods
 Moving, Assembly of furniture.
 Garden Services
 Moto, Fiets & Auto Maintenance