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For anyone beginning the renovation journey, advice based on years of experience is essential.


From architectural design to planning and construction, our partners have successfully delivered fabulous renovation and refurbishment projects all over the Netherlands.


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Our team can assist with anything from decorating to full refurbs.
Testimonials below.


I highly recommend We R Expats! They responded immediately and came the next day. They fixed the problem fast and they were the kindest of people!


Fantastic service! Super fast and professional. Would absolutely recommend!


We R Expats got a reasonable quote for me that came in cheaper than we had been quoted by the first contractor and with availability to do the work before we had to move. We R Expats were clear and helpful with all their communication and worked to make sure that everything was taken care of to our satisfaction.

Without a doubt, We R Expats provided the best customer service that I’ve experienced since moving to the Netherlands 14 months ago.