For anyone beginning the renovation journey, advice based on years of experience is essential. From architectural design to planning and construction, our partners have successfully delivered fabulous renovation and refurbishment projects all over The Netherlands that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and are completed on time and within budget.
perhaps you have not quite finalised your plans and need some guidance? our specialist team of renovation partners are creative and resourceful so can make all the difference where it counts! They take genuine pride in their ability to finish the renovation/ refurbishment to the highest standards of workmanship. Whatever the brief our team of designers, engineers and quality tradespeople has the capability to deliver the highest quality home refurbishments and renovations, including but not limited to: Ground and Civil Works, Masonry, Plumbing, Electrics, Joinery, Cabinetry, Plastering, Tiling, Painting and Decorating, Landscaping. We also have the capability to design and produce bespoke kitchens and other custom cabinetry such as wardrobes